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Tips To Find The Perfect Student Accommodation

The hours leading up to going to university can be very stressful. There are so many decisions you'll need to make and many of them will come at the same time.    Even when you already know your university, course, and start[...]
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Summer Internship Guide: How to Find the Best Summer Housing

You've landed your ideal internship in a huge city far away from home, but where will you stay? While some internships include accommodation for summer interns, others may need you to locate your housing.    One of the most[...]
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Why You Should Do an Internship in Washington DC?

Every year, tens of thousands of interns choose Washington DC for their summer internships. Do you know why?   Well, there are lots of reasons to choose Washington DC but the main reason is the networking opportunities. No matter[...]
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9 Tips to Consider When Looking for Student Housing

When it comes to locating the perfect student housing, there are pros and cons. The notion of making new friends, having more freedom, and having a new location to call home might fill you with joy. However, thousands of other students are[...]
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10 Reasons to Do a Summer Internship

When you're a recent graduate, you often don't have enough experience to secure a permanent full-time job, so your only options are an internship, apprenticeship, or work experience.    Consider how internships can help[...]
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