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6 Tips to Stay Sane While Staying Home

How is it that we’re always hoping for snow days, a longer reading week, never-ending weekends… and now we have it! Yet, all we want is to go back to our regularly scheduled programming: our classes, exams, and to listen to our[...]
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5 Ways to Keep Busy at Harrington Housing

Here at Harrington Housing we understand how challenging this time can be for some. We want to give you some tips and ideas on how to keep busy. Below are some of our favourite ways to productively pass the time, to spend quality time with[...]
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Free Online Educational Resources!

Missing academia in your life? Although you may not be in school anymore amidst this pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to work out your brain muscles and learn something new. Harrington has compiled a list to be sure to check off needs[...]
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Turning crisis into opportunity "Best TV Series to Learn Spanish"

Covid-19 is one of the biggest crises we have witnessed in our lifetime. It is unlike anything we have ever seen or experienced. But is there a way to turn it into an opportunity that could solve all our problems? Sure there is!  For[...]
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How to Safely Move During COVID-19

Moving is a challenging task in any circumstance. Packing your possessions, relocating furniture, and choosing what to get rid of is a stressful ordeal. Add COVID-19 to the equation, and moving is more complicated. Now, you have to[...]
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