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Deluxe Room - Garneau
C$225 C$195 /week
1 4 1 235 sqft
Flex Plus - Garneau
C$195 C$165 /week
1 4 1 225 sqft

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Student Housing in Edmonton

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, Canada. With its dynamic socio-economic life and business-friendly environment, Edmonton has been among the youngest and fastest-growing cities in Canada. 

In addition to being a safe and good place to live with its affordable housing prices and healthcare opportunities, shopping malls, living museums, and art and culture galleries in Edmonton attract many people from all around the world.

Besides, Edmonton is an important education center as it is home to the main campus of the University of Alberta, which is one of the top teaching and research universities in Canada.

Edmonton is also popular for hosting unique festivals throughout the year so nicknamed as Canada’s Festival City. Its River Valley, known as North America’s largest urban park, has a number of recreation centers, wildlife viewings, planetarium, and adventure programs. Whether in snow or sunshine, the beauty of nature and outdoor activities in River Valley are beyond expectations.

The Best Student Housing in Edmonton

If you're looking for student housing services in Edmonton, then Harrington Housing would be the perfect choice for you! Harrington properties offer luxurious highrise buildings that provide a unique and upscale coliving experience at the heart of major cities all around the world.

Plus, each room is outfitted with a large-screen smart TV, high-speed internet, and furnished with a comfortable bed and work desk. Harrington team provides free streaming subscriptions to each resident, as well as bed linens. We also have a fitness center, rooftop terrace with barbeque, and concierge for our residents' enjoyment.

Harrington Housing's off-campus housing services are second to none! Harrington premises in Garneau Tower in Edmonton are just 5-minute walking distance away from the University of Alberta Campus and the University of Alberta Hospital. If you're looking for student or intern housing services from a reputable provider, Harrington Housing would be the best option!

Perfect Coliving Solution

Harrington Housing is the perfect solution for students and young professionals who are looking for an upscale, yet affordable place to live. Our fully furnished rooms, high-end amenities, and downtown locations make us the ideal choice for those who seek a more comfortable and convenient stay in walking distance to the university campus as well as halls of residence such as supermarkets, cinemas, restaurants, and pubs.  

Housing for Students and Young Professionals

Edmonton has a dynamic social life which makes finding short-term or long-term accommodation challenging particularly in the downtown area. Relying on its experience over Canada’s main cities Toronto and Montreal, as well as the popular destinations in the US and the UK, Harrington properties offer affordable housing for students and young professionals for short-term or extended stay leases.

Being one of the biggest co-living style housing providers in Canada and the US, Harrington Housing allows you to have excellent, exquisite, and luxury accommodations in downtown Edmonton at reasonable prices. Furthermore, Harrington Housing experts and coordinators are fully dedicated to guiding you through the tech-enabled booking process, completing the move-in procedure in comfort, and assisting during your entire stay.

Contact us today to learn more about Harrington's student housing services in Edmonton, Canada. You may kindly see our rooms here on this page and book your stay today.

We look forward to helping you find your perfect home away from home!

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