College isn't inexpensive, no matter how you look at it. Of course, because you didn't take out a student loan, education is already cheaper for you than it is for the average student. 


Still, you might be seeking more methods to save money that don't need you to do anything other than enrolling as a student. 


It's worth mentioning that each business has its own set of online discounts, so you'll get various bargains from one service to the next.


We've prepared a list of how and where you may locate exceptional opportunities for students in this post.


How to Find Student Discounts?


How to Find Student Discounts


Students may be eligible for discounts or gift cards from local and national restaurants, stores, and other businesses. So, whenever you go shopping, always inquire if there is a student discount. 


You can save money even with a tiny discount. You should keep your student ID with you at all times so that you may verify your enrollment status. 


You'll be astonished at how much money you can save if you receive $5, 10%, or more of each transaction. It's important to take advantage of your student status while you still have it!


Discounts at restaurants


Many eateries do not make it clear whether or not they provide a student discount. Whether you're in a college town or a big metropolis, you might have to contact ahead to see if they're open. 


It's a good idea to check at the restaurants in your immediate vicinity, as eateries and discount rates may differ based on the city.


Software discounts


Whether it's a streaming service subscription or an application required to complete a school project, practically all college students require software.


College students can save money on software subscriptions by using the following services:


Amazon Prime


Signing up for your own Amazon account is a significant step toward self-sufficiency. For someone on a college budget, Amazon Prime may appear to be too pricey.


However, with Prime Student, the first six months are free. It's only $6.49 each month after that.


You can get free two-day delivery on most items, unlimited picture storage, free streaming of thousands of TV episodes and movies, and fantastic Prime Student discounts if you join.


If you take advantage of all of the included features, this might be a good price for most people. If you're only interested in streaming music and movies, though, Spotify + Hulu + SHOWTIME could be a better option. If you're wondering how to obtain a discount, all you have to do is register using e-mail address.


Spotify + Hulu + SHOWTIME


For $4.99 a month, you can enjoy Spotify Premium, Hulu, and SHOWTIME. You may also try all of these services for free for three months before paying anything.


Although the Hulu you purchase has "minimal" advertisements, it is still preferable to viewing cable TV. If you're wondering how to obtain a discount, all you have to do is join up using email address.


Apple Music


Maybe you don't watch Hulu and prefer to listen to Taylor Swift and Jay-Z instead. It's understandable. If that's the case, Apple Music is only $4.99 a month. Edu., as we indicated in the previous two applications, is an educational institution. You may use your existing account to join up for the discount.


New York Times


You'll be delighted to know that The New York Times offers a student discount whether you want to stay up with the news or need it for study.


For the first four weeks, students receive a free basic subscription, after which it costs $1 per week. This service generally costs $3.75 each week, so this is a nice value. 


Simply go to the New York Times website and join up with email address to receive the discount.


Office 365


Did you aware that your university provides free access to the Microsoft Office Suite? If your school does not provide Office 365 Education for any reason, you can still use it for free if you are a student. 


Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are all included. All you have to do to obtain the discount is go to the Office 365 page and input a valid school email address.




The majority of museums provide some sort of student discount. Also, the art museum, which is typically open to the public, should be visited. 


To get a discount at a museum, all you have to do is check the museum's website, but normally all you have to do is present your student ID.


Public Transport


Students may often enjoy discounts on public transportation in several places. Discounts can be found on the website of your local transit company. You may be required to submit a scanned copy of your student ID or provide proof of enrollment.


Entertainment Student Discounts


Take advantage of these 2022 college student entertainment offers to save on movies and more. Due to COVID-19 constraints, certain offers may vary by location, time of year, and the fact that some venues may be closed, have changed working hours, or have restricted capacity.


Insurance Student Discounts


You may save money on your insurance each month by taking advantage of your outstanding grades and student status. You should look into what student discounts are available and start saving! 


Some discounts may vary depending on where you are and other considerations. Insurance discounts vary depending on where you reside and which carrier you prefer.


Cell Phone Provider Student Discounts


To assist college students to save money, several phone companies are giving 2022 student discounts. It's worth noting that certain discounts may change based on the season, area, and school.


Today we covered, How to Find The Best Student Discounts When Shopping and we hope you find some value in this article. For more student-related content, check out our community blog.


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