There is an app for literally anything lovely, but deciding which applications are appropriate for the next semester might be daunting. 


There are applications for anything from studying to apps required by your university. Students may make their life easier and more productive by using study applications. 


Useful Study Apps for College Students

Useful Study Apps for College Students


That's why we've compiled a list of the top 14 college apps for you. You can figure out which applications these are by reading this article.




Quizlet has rendered actual flashcards obsolete. It's a straightforward flashcard program that uses spaced repetition to aid learning.


You may practice nearly everything from medieval history to intermediate Italian by accessing millions of pre-made flashcard sets for free.


Even better, you may create your own flashcard sets and store them on your phone or laptop!


Google Calendar


Google Calendar is the ideal software for keeping track of your hectic calendar. It may be used to keep track of your classes, deadlines, and club meetings, among other things.


Google Calendar is available for iOS in the Apple App Store and Android in the Google Play Store. Google Calendar does not sell user information and only gathers information to improve the user experience.




Has a buddy asked you for a grade after missing a class? You defended them. Evernote is the go-to software for taking notes and managing tasks.


This study tool brings together notes, to-do lists, and even audio in one convenient location. Evernote is useful for keeping track of things you could forget, whether it's a link to a blog you read last night or a family recipe your mother shared with you.




CamScanner is a scanner for mobile devices. When you snap a photo using the app, it is stored as a pdf, which is ideal for writing projects like online tour reports. 


You can try it for three days for free, but it costs $59.99 a year after that. CamScanner is available for iOS in the Apple App Store and Android in the Google Play Store.




You prepared a fantastic paper or research paper, turned it into your professor, and when you received it back, all you discovered were mistakes, missed punctuation, and a slew of strange phrases.


This is when Grammarly comes in handy. This online proofreading tool examines your work for typos and readability issues, as well as makes recommendations for how you can improve. 

This study program may also be used to create error-free blogs, presentations, and emails.


Word Hippo


Word Hippo is a premium thesaurus software, and we all know how important a good thesaurus is while writing an essay. Word Hippo will provide you with a large number of synonyms if you type in any word.




Scribd is a book-streaming service similar to Netflix. It's a digital library that allows subscribers to access e-books, articles, and audiobooks.


You also get access to millions of papers that have been submitted by users to help you with your task.


Do you require an expensive textbook? First, try whether another kind of ser has it loaded for you to watch for free on Scribd.




SplitWise helps you keep track of shared spending when you live with roommates or travel with pals. SplitWise halves the charges you input, allowing you to pay your pals using Venmo or PayPal.



Have you had enough of your French classes in school? If you want to learn more about other cultures, you should study a second language.


Language abilities look excellent on a résumé, help you advance in your career, and you can even impress your pals with a few lines from Dante or Baudelaire.


Duolingo is a popular language learning program because it is entertaining and engaging.




If you find yourself frequently going for your phone when you have a mountain of college assignments to accomplish, Forest is the app for you.


Forest is a time management tool for those who find themselves procrastinating. You plant a 'seed' whenever you need to concentrate on an essay, assignment, or lecture. 


The seed grows into a tree as it continues to work unabated.

By the way, the app will remind you to focus if you touch your phone.


Voice Notebook


You can take voice notes and keep them in a nice folder using the speech-to-text software, so you can playback them at your leisure and stay on track with the rest of the class.


Voice Notebook supports five languages and allows you to change text while dictating.




When you have a plan, things go more smoothly, but that isn't always the case. There are days when you have a mountain of chores to complete and need someone to help you arrange your calendars and deadlines.


Todoist will do all of this and more, and it's completely free. This project management application makes it simple to create projects, tags, and tasks.


Even better, this app will remind you of all your upcoming events, keeping you on track.


Exam Countdown Lite


There is such a thing as test anxiety. To avoid being overwhelmed before a test, use this app to keep track of all exam dates and deadlines.


Exam Countdown Lite allows you to keep track of all of your important dates in one location. The study app also sends you regular updates to help you remain on track with your objectives.




Pomodoro is a fantastic software for time management. You can work for 25 minutes without taking a break and then take a 5-minute break using the Pomodoro method. This software is presently only accessible on iPhones, so Android users are out of luck.


Today's topic is 14 Useful Study Apps for College Students, and we hope you'll find it useful. Check out our community blog for additional student-related material.


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