Although it's easier said than done, being successful in life has a formula and the important part of this formula is having positive habits. These habits can lead you to success as a student too.


The goal of being a highly successful student is no easy task when you don't have a road map and clear plan. So today we are covering 7 habits of highly successful students to show you the success path.


7 Habits of Highly Successful Students


It doesn't matter how many sleepless nights you spend studying to be successful, in the end, it all depends on the learning habits that ultimately make you a barely passing student or a successful student with the best grades.


Having success habits will turn you from a struggling student to a highly effective student also, these habits can push you to become not an average B student but an excellent A+ student.


Let’s get started.


1 - Having a Study Plan


Having a Study Plan


As always, we are starting our tip series with planning. Why? Actually, it's simple to explain. Successful students have a clear plan for their studies and with a clear road map, they don't get confused and feel bored.


  • Daily study plan 
  • Weekly study plan
  • Monthly study plan


Planning your day is always the hard part of it because you have limited time for that. So consider planning future days instead of today. If you plan tomorrow's study sessions and tasks, you'll be more effective for the day.


Also planning the week and the month becomes way easier when you have a daily plan. You will write down all important days like exam days, study group schedules, or one on one meetings with professors.


2 - Staying Well-Organised


If you search for successful people, you'll realize that every one of them lives an organized life. At the second tip, we'll also be copying them.


If you wonder how to stay organized when surrounded by a lot of distractions, let me explain;


  • Prepare to class the night before
  • Sleep and wake up early every day
  • Have a dedicated study space
  • Use technology for class notes
  • Have your important notes on a calendar
  • Label different notes to find later on


As I said at the beginning of this article "It's easier said than done" so after you decide to be an organized person, you should stick to it :)


3 - Managing Your Time


This is really crucial. If you want to have time for everything, you need to figure out how to make everything fit into your schedule.


Maybe your schedule looks too busy but if you stick to the schedule you'll understand which part of your daily/weekly routine is off.


Then you can set a new and fresh plan for the next week so every week your schedule looks more effective and at the end of the month you'll have the perfect study plan.


Setting a plan will seem overwhelming but it's important to understand that there is no such a great plan at the beginning. It evolves and becomes better in time.


So when you feel overwhelmed while you are trying to stick to your schedule, take a breath and don't quit. Just know that things will be going to be ok in time.


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4 - Ignoring Distractions


Ignoring Distractions


Yes, it looks tough, if you want to ignore distractions you should have a goal-focused mindset. Probably you have a lot of your friends who always seemed to be scrambling to get things done at the last second right!


Well, that's happening to them because they don't resist distractions and spend their time without a plan and purpose. Success isn’t something that passively happens, it’s something that needs working proactively towards the goals.


Although it depends for many students, in general studying in a quiet place and shutting down yourself to distractions like the phone, social media, friends will give you better results.


Also, students who can visualize their success beyond college manifest a goal attainable enough to achieve. When you clear your mind for a specific goal, ignoring distractions becomes an easy thing to manage.


5 - Studying Smart


While every student has a different learning style, there are a few steps you can follow to study smarter. Do not worry they are not complex steps.


  • You can take a look at the chapter before you go to the class lecture about it. It helps you to understand the lecture well and also helps you to remember the key points faster when you study at home.
  • Study twice (before and after the lecture) and take notes every time. During the exam week, a quick reading will boost your success score if you already studied the lecture twice.
  • Highlight what you think is important when you study. Highlighting these sentences will give your brain a strong signal and that means; it's a piece of important information.
  • If you feel bored or overwhelmed take a 15-minute break (Not more) and do what you like to do. Then come back to study with a fresh mind.


When you have a specific road map, studying is not that hard. In fact, many students feel relaxed after realizing it's not the lesson that struggles them, it's following the wrong learning style.


6 - Focusing One Thing At a Time


Focusing One Thing At a Time for Study


When the exam time is near, many students panic and start to study all the lessons at the same time, putting all the lecture notes on the table.


The main idea (Bad idea) is studying a lesson and jump to another if the student feels bored which will look practical (Not at all) but it will cause other problems such as having a hard time remembering what you studied after all these long hours. 


Focusing one lesson at a time and reading and studying all notes about one specific lesson will give you better results. You might think the opposite, well here me out! 


Research shows we are bad at multi-tasking, but we are good at fooling ourselves into thinking we are good at multitasking. So focus on one lesson at a time.


7 - Resting Your Mind


Yes, you read correctly, resting your mind is also a way of smart study method. If you study tirelessly and don’t take time out to relax and destress, you’ll probably burn out and give up early.


Remember this, your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep to work functionally and your brain is the most important part of your body.


If you don't give enough time to your body for rest, you'll end up having average scores and that's the opposite of what we want right?


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Final Words


Ok, we covered 7 habits of highly successful students today and we hope you'll find some value in this article. For more student-related content you can check our community blog.


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