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The College Graduation Guide: How To Prepare For Life After College

Are you a college student getting ready to graduate? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the changes you’ll soon be facing? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.   The transition from college to the real world can be[...]
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Delicious and Affordable Food Options for Students in Washington D.C.

As a student in Washington D.C., finding delicious and affordable food can be a challenge. With the cost of living in the city on the rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find meals that won’t break the[...]
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9 Reasons to Consider Coliving in Toronto: A Guide for College Students

Deciding where to live is one of the most important decisions a college student can make. Finding the right housing can determine whether you'll have a successful college career or end up homeless and living in your car. If you’re[...]
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Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Rental Room in New York City

We are very aware that apartment hunting or simply hunting for a rental room in New York City can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. With the city's sky-high prices, cramped spaces and intense competition for rooms, it's easy to[...]
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Discovering DC: A College Student's Guide to the Museums of Washington

Washington, DC is home to some of the most unique and beautiful museums in the world. From dinosaur bones to cutting-edge art exhibits, the Smithsonian's 20 museums offer something for everyone!   So you might be wondering -[...]
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