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Where to Visit While Studying Abroad in The UK

Embarking on the journey of being an international student is nothing less of an amazing opportunity, the world literally becomes your oyster when it comes to new experiences, new connections, and most importantly new places to visit[...]
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What Makes The University of Michigan Unique

The University of Michigan has always had a reputation as being a great place to go to school. But how does Michigan stack up against other schools? And why should anyone choose it over other universities?   The answer is simple:[...]
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From Campus To The City: What To Do In Chicago As A Student

If you’re a college student looking for something to do in Chicago, you’re in luck! There’s an endless supply of activities to do in the city, and many of them are even free! From museums to tours, there’s[...]
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How To Manage A Job Along With Online Classes

Are you trying to manage a job and an online class at the same time? It can be challenging to juggle both, but it’s not impossible. With the right strategies and tools, you can make the most of your time and stay on track with your[...]
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Student Entrepreneurship: How To Start A Business While In College

Are you a college student looking to start your own business? You’re in luck! Starting a business while in college is easier than ever before.   The internet has made it easier than ever for student entrepreneurs to start[...]
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