Embarking on the journey of being an international student is nothing less of an amazing opportunity, the world literally becomes your oyster when it comes to new experiences, new connections, and most importantly new places to visit while studying in your country of choice. 
This article though will tackle one specific spot, which is the UK. 
The UK is a great country that is rich in so many things and in different ways that can make your experience a lot better while studying there. It not only helps you become more cultured, but you also become up to date with what is important in the world. 
It is a culturally enhancing melting pot all around! So you truly get the best experience. 
However, a big inquiry you could have is where could you possibly visit while studying abroad in the UK? 
If that is something that interests you then keep on reading to find out more about all the places that are waiting for you to visit. 


Of course, when we say the UK, we also say London. London is more than just the capital of the United Kingdom, it is the heart of it and it is a popular destination for a reason. 
If you are studying in another city then London is most definitely worthy of a trip there and if you're looking for accommodation Harrington Housing will provide fully furnished room that you deserve.
However, if London happens to be where your university is, then you can spend all the time in the world exploring. Don’t forget your studies though amid all the fun! 
The coffee shops are endless in London, each one of them is unique and offers a different vibe. 
If you are a history fanatic, museums are quite rich and fun to explore one at a time. 
If perhaps you like architecture, then many gems will catch your eye such as the clock tower, Big Ben, The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, and many more! 


If you are not familiar with the towns in the UK, this name might seem a little funny to you, but there is indeed a town in the Uk called Bath that you can explore while studying there. 
This town is known for two things, architecture and landscapes. 
The town is very traditional looking and the experience of exploring it is very enriching. 
If you are wondering how you can get there, all you have to do is go to a train station and hop on a train that will take you there. 
It would not take any longer than 90 minutes if you are traveling from London. 
Of course, it is important to keep in mind that that time changes depending on the location you take the train from. 
Once you do get there, however, you will certainly be mesmerized by the amazing views! 
Definitely a getaway from the hectic, stressful life of the university. 


Liverpool might be cool because it is where the Beatles were born, but what makes it even cooler is the fact that the people who live in that city are called “Scousers”. How cool is that!
This is because they are one of the friendliest, funniest, most generous people you will meet while studying abroad in the UK if you decide to visit Liverpool. 
The type of people you meet is very important because it can make or break your experience wherever you go. 
If the people don’t make you feel welcome, they certainly will not enjoy their time, nor would they care to come back even if the city itself has a lot to offer. 
Lucky for you, if you are hanging out in Liverpool, you won’t have to worry about that. 


Of course, as a student, you are obliged to do a lot of reading. So, if you are a little bookworm, then Oxford might have a hidden gem for you. 
Blackwell’s bookshop is the largest academic bookseller in all of the United Kingdom. 
Oxford could be the capital of your academic and perhaps even personal inspiration while studying abroad in the UK, because it inspired one of the best-selling books such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!
While you’re at it, you might as well check out the oldest university in England too, the University of Oxford. 


The University of Cambridge is a very popular choice among students. This University comes highly recommended because of all the academic areas it covers, from arts to social sciences, and medicine!
Although it might be famous for its university, the streets of it are also quite rich and full of things to offer like museums, and wonderful green spaces to elevate your experience. 
Did you also know that The Theory of Everything was also filmed there? How brilliant is that! 


Studying abroad might be a new experience, but new experiences do not have to be boring! 
By the end of this blog, you should be equipped with all the great spots that the UK has to offer! 
This article proposes a variety of options that you can plan in detail according to your budget, time period, and class schedule! 
Harrington Housing does not only offer top-quality student accommodation, but it also offers further details to enhance your stay. 
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us for affordable accommodation services