We all know that sharing space can be an adventure. Living with other students in a coliving setup can be a blast, but let's face it, we've all got our quirks and habits.
In this friendly guide, we're going to chat about the do's and don'ts of cohabitating harmoniously with your fellow scholars.
Grab a comfy seat and get ready for some tips on what to steer clear of in your coliving space, because nobody wants to be the roommate with the not-so-cool habits, right? Let's make this coliving experience the best one yet!
Let us get started!

What is Coliving and How is it Beneficial to Students?

Coliving is like adding a sprinkle of community magic to your student life. Picture this: You're not just sharing a roof with a bunch of people; you're creating a little hub of shared experiences, late-night study sessions, and maybe a few epic pizza parties.
It's like having your own built-in support system right at home. Coliving spaces are designed for students to live together, study together, and, most importantly, grow together!
Now, let's talk perks. First off, the financial fairy approves of coliving. Splitting rent, utilities, and other bills makes the financial burden of living on your own a whole lot lighter.
And hey, who doesn't love saving a bit of cash for those spontaneous weekend getaways or that extra-large pizza order during exam week? Plus, there's the sweet bonus of shared responsibilities.
Gone are the days of being the sole keeper of a massive grocery list or the only person who knows how to unclog a sink. In coliving, everyone chips in, making daily life a breeze.
But it's not just about saving money and chores; it's also about building connections. Think about it, you're surrounded by like-minded individuals on the same academic journey. You'll find a built-in study group, people to share notes with, and friends who understand the struggle of balancing assignments and a social life.
Coliving transforms your living space into a vibrant community, where support and camaraderie are as much a part of the decor as your favorite posters!
Lastly, let's not forget the personal growth factor. Living with others teaches you valuable life skills, communication, compromise, and the art of turning disagreements into resolutions. It's a crash course in adulting, served with a side of friendship.
Coliving isn't just a housing choice; it's an opportunity for students to shape their university experience in a way that's not just memorable but downright awesome.
However, this does not mean that it is as free as living alone or back home, there are boundaries to be set and things you should not do both for you and for the people you are with!

5 Things You Should Avoid Doing as a Student In Your Coliving Space

When you live with others, it's vital to be kind and respectful to keep things pleasant. There are some things you should avoid doing to make sure everyone gets along. Also, knowing the downsides of having a roommate can help you handle any problems that might come up. You can learn more about this here: disadvantages of having a roommate.

Noise Pollution

Imagine this: it's the night before a big exam, and you're desperately trying to cram in those last-minute facts. Now, picture your roommate blasting their favorite playlist or hosting a mini dance party next door. Noise pollution is the arch-nemesis of every student's focus.
In a coliving space, it's crucial to be mindful of the noise levels. Whether it's studying, sleeping, or just some quiet downtime, respecting the need for a peaceful environment is a golden rule.
So when you feel the urge to crank up the volume, consider reaching for those trusty headphones instead!

Overlooking Shared Spaces

The common areas in your coliving space are like the heart of a home – they bring everyone together. However, leaving a trail of textbooks, dirty dishes, or gym gear scattered across these shared spaces is a surefire way to create tension.
Neglecting the communal areas not only makes the space less enjoyable for everyone but can also lead to unnecessary conflicts.
A tidy living room or kitchen is a happy living room or kitchen. So, make it a habit to clean up after yourself, and your coliving experience will be smoother than ever.

Ignoring Communication

Communication is key, and this holds especially true in a coliving setup. Avoid the pitfall of assuming everyone is on the same page about shared responsibilities or house rules.
Take the time to have open and honest discussions about expectations, schedules, and any concerns that may arise. Ignoring communication can lead to misunderstandings and, ultimately, a less harmonious living environment.
Whether it's about setting up a cleaning schedule or addressing a noisy neighbor, keep those lines of communication wide open!

Hoarding Fridge Space

In a coliving space, the refrigerator is like a sacred treasure chest, and space is limited. Hoarding it with groceries that could feed a small army is a big no-no. Be mindful of the shared fridge and pantry space and avoid monopolizing it with your culinary conquests.
This ensures that everyone has room for their essentials and minimizes the risk of unpleasant surprises when trying to locate that elusive carton of milk.

Neglecting Personal Boundaries

While coliving fosters a sense of community, it's essential to respect personal boundaries. Invading someone's privacy, borrowing personal items without permission, or being overly intrusive can create discomfort and tension.
Give your roommates the space they need to unwind, and always ask before borrowing anything. A little consideration goes a long way in maintaining a positive and respectful coliving environment.

Final Words

As we wrap up our friendly guide on navigating the coliving adventure as a student, let's reflect on the shared experiences, laughter, and growth that make this journey so unique.
Remember, coliving is not just about splitting bills and sharing a roof; it's about building a community that supports you through the highs and lows of student life.
Before you move in, make sure you have everything you need by checking out a comprehensive college apartment checklist. This ensures you're well-prepared and helps avoid common issues that can arise in a shared living environment
Here's to creating lasting friendships, acing exams together, and navigating the twists and turns of student life with the support of your coliving crew!
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Happy coliving and our best wishes to you!