Like most companies, we started our company with an uninspiring tagline, “Feel at Home”. We all make that mistake right? Soon we figured out that similar versions of this slogan were used in the traditional housing market quite often… but, we were different. This tagline really did not reflect our mission and the spirit of our vision and of our residents. So, we decided to change it.

As we really dug deep about who we are and what we wanted to accomplish, we started with a trendy tagline “Upgrade Your Lifestyle”. It was good; it was stylish and inclusive, and resonated with students’ aspirations… but we still were not satisfied. Did “Upgrade Your Lifestyle” really capture the full scope of our wide-ranging accommodation services? Harrrington was not only about lifestyle but the comfort and well-being of our residents as well.

As we developed our business, our new and upscale tagline emerged, “Live in Style, Sleep in Comfort”. We were convinced that we found the right slogan, this time referring to our community and the upscale amenities we offered our residents. 

As our community grew, and our business developed even more, it was only then that we truly uncovered what makes Harrington stand out amoung the rest. Harrrington has become a community, providing more than housing, lifestyle and affordable rates. Today, Harrington’s new tagline is “Stay Here, Go Anywhere” and it’s being seen by over a million people every year. Harrington is here for you as you chase your dreams - living in your dream city, attending your dream university, and travelling to your dream destinations. 

We are still open to hearing original  ideas if you have a better tagline suggestion for us. Please send us your suggestion at If we adopt your suggested tagline, a generous $500 gift card will be offered to you for our appreciation of you helping our business. If not adopted, still please drop by and pick up your $5 Starbucks gift card from our office.