If you are struggling and want to organize your off-campus housing, it means there are things to do right? It's time to set aside a few hours and get organized.
Organizing your off-campus space can be a stressful task due to limited storage options and too much stuff. But, with a plan and enough motivation, you can find space for everything and finally regain control of your living situation.
In this article, we'll discuss 7 tips for unleashing your inner pro when it comes to organizing your off-campus housing space.
We'll cover items like setting goals, identifying storage solutions, dipping into the proper growth mindset, making this a tool for better time management, organizing tools, and more.

Why is Being Organized Beneficial?

As an active college student, you might think spending time organizing things is a waste of time when you can be doing other things that perhaps make more sense to your schedule, however, being organized is actually quite beneficial, and for many reasons.
Being organized helps reduce stress and anxiety, saves time, and boosts productivity and efficiency. Most importantly, it allows us to be in control of our lives!
It is the first step to adopting that growth mindset that will help you excel in your educational journey! 
When we're organized, it removes the chaos that inevitably comes with clutter. Being organized provides a sense of peace that often leads to clarity and focus when making big decisions or tackling difficult tasks.
Organization also makes life run smoother as you can quickly find items of need without rummaging through drawers and shelves. That means less wasted time and more productive days!
Plus, when your off-campus space is neat and tidy, it's easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle full of balance because it is a great mental activity (as opposed to sitting in clutter all day!).
An organized environment contributes significantly toward higher levels of satisfaction in life! 
Trust us, this whole process will level up your personal growth journey!

7 Helpful Organization Tips as a College Student 

Check Your Space 

When it comes to organizing your space, the first step is to check your space. Look at how you utilize each area of your room and think about what items should stay in each area.
Think of it like a blank canvas and you get to fill it up however you like! So, take a deep breath, and let's get to organizing! 
By doing this, you'll be able to quickly identify items that don't belong where they are and be able to prioritize them for movement. 
The key is to make sure everything has a specific place and nothing should get put anywhere without thinking first. When something doesn't have a designated spot, it will eventually become clutter that can build up over time.
For example think where you want your family photos to go, which family photos you want on display, where your school items should be kept, just on the studying desk or somewhere else? what to put in the arrangements under your bed etc. 
Set clear boundaries for possessions in each part of the room so you can keep it well organized and easy to maintain on an ongoing basis. Doing this will help you to improve your workspace's functionality, cleanliness, and aesthetic appeal!

Vertical is Best 

Opting for vertical storage is the best way to organize small spaces. By taking advantage of upward space, you can easily store a lot more and keep your study/work area from feeling cramped.
Vertical storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes, too. You can use peg boards, wall shelves, over-the-door organizers, shelving units, corkboard walls, and desks with drawers that extend up.
Not only that but storing vertically also helps because it lets you keep frequently used items within reach at all times. That's why using wall organizers with hooks or pockets is great for storing school supplies like pencils, rulers, and other items you need quick access to.
When creating vertical storage solutions in off-campus spaces, remember to measure what fits where so you don't have awkward gaps or end up cramming things into too-small spaces!

Make use of Under Bed Storage 

Just like we mentioned above, under-bed storage is very useful to you as a college student who wants to utilize his/her space to the max! 
So, make use of the storage space underneath your bed! Not only is it super convenient because you don't have to unpack or repack everything to access items, but this easy solution also allows you to maximize your available space.
Take a look at how much room is under your bed and then figure out what type of items would fit. You can easily store food items that don't need refrigeration, unused linens and towels, extra shoes, books, records, and much more! 
Organizing will become second nature when you make effective use of the space under your bed. Place larger items on one side of the bed and attach removable baskets for smaller items on the other side so you can quickly grab what you need without having to search through everything.
Another tip for you, whatever baskets you store under your bed should be labeled, that way you can tell which item is where when you need it! 
This simple strategy will help keep your off-campus living space neat and tidy!

Get the Most Out of Your Closet Space 

When it comes to organizing your living space, don't forget your closet. Finding clever ways to maximize the storage space in your closets can really open up your living area!
Start by taking a look at the items in your closet and have a plan of attack ready to go!  The first thing you should do is move like-minded items onto shelves or hangers together rather than scattered throughout your closets.
By doing this, you'll be able to find each item more quicker and easier. If necessary, invest in additional plastic bins or containers to store small items or cherished treasures you want to organize and tuck away for future use.
Also, try and minimize what you keep stashed in the closet if possible, so that it’s easier to maintain and stay organized. Choose only essential items such as seasonal clothing or shoes that need to be stored away; everything else can find another place in your off-campus space!


Decluttering should be your first priority when organizing an off-campus space. The act of removing unnecessary items from a room can drastically change its appearance and organization level.
Ridding your space of extra items not only frees up precious storage room but also creates a sense of tidiness that will make it easier to stay organized.
Start by looking around and identifying what you don’t need or use anymore. Any items that haven’t been touched in months can probably be taken out and donated, given away, or sold.
So, to put it simply when decluttering, organize the remaining items according to their size and purpose for optimal efficiency.
Place heavier objects at the bottom of bins and lighter ones higher up, as well as sorting them into designated “home zones” for easier access in the future! 

Buy Versatile Items 

If you want to maximize space in a small off-campus apartment, the key is to buy versatile items. Even the smallest investment can make a big impact when you choose multi-functional furniture and other items! This is especially important for college students who want to make the most of their space! 
For example, instead of traditional desks and chairs, opt for an all-in-one workstation with shelves and drawers underneath that double as storage space. You can also buy coffee tables that come with storage bins or roomy ottomans you can use for storing throw blankets and other items.
By introducing some cleverly designed pieces of furniture into your off-campus home, you'll be able to save space while still having the functionality you need in your living environment!

Stick to the "One in, one out" Rule 

The "one in, one out" rule is simple but very powerful. All you have to do is make sure that if you purchase something new, you need to donate or discard an old item.
This ensures decluttering happens as fast as clutter accumulates! That prevents your off-campus space from becoming overly cluttered and disorganized.
Plus, this rule also helps preserve the planet! Keeping just one new item stops us from creating unnecessary waste so instead of adding more items, take this opportunity to find a better home for discarded items and reap the benefits of breaking the hoarding habit.
Not only will it help keep your room tidy, but it'll make clearing the stuff worth parting with much easier when it's time to move or decide to downsize. With these benefits in mind, stick to the "one in, one out" rule and enjoy organized bliss!

Bottom Line 

Living in an off-campus housing space can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to stay that way.
With the few simple tips that we provided in this article for organizing your space and surrounding yourself with the things you need, you can create an environment that will keep you productive and organized throughout your entire school year! 
It may take some time to get into new habits, but the effort is more than worth it. With these strategies to help guide you, you can turn your room into a sanctuary of success!
Good luck!