Los Angeles, the City of Angels, isn't just famous for its glitz and glamour; it's also a food lover's paradise, boasting a diverse culinary scene that caters to every palate. Whether you're a local Angeleno or a visitor exploring this dynamic city, you're in for a treat.
Join us on a gastronomic adventure as we uncover the 10 best places to eat in Los Angeles. From sizzling street food to Michelin-starred marvels, Los Angeles has it all.
Fasten your seatbelts; our culinary journey is about to begin!


Prepare your taste buds for a journey to the vibrant state of Oaxaca, Mexico, right here in Los Angeles. Guelaguetza, an LA institution, serves up authentic Oaxacan cuisine that'll transport you to the bustling markets of Mexico. The star of the show? Mole.
Guelaguetza isn't just a restaurant; it's a cultural institution that has been bringing the heart and soul of Oaxaca to Los Angeles since its doors first opened.
This family-owned gem is renowned for its authentic Oaxacan cuisine, lively atmosphere, and the deep sense of community it fosters. It's not just about the food—it's about the experience of Oaxaca in every sense.
This rich, complex sauce comes in various forms, and Guelaguetza offers a Mole Sampler, allowing you to taste the intricate flavors of this culinary masterpiece. Don't miss their tlayudas (Oaxacan pizza), served with a tantalizing array of toppings.
With live music and a festive atmosphere, dining here is a cultural experience as much as it is a culinary one.


In the heart of LA's creative quarters, Pizzanista! brings a rebellious spirit to the pizza scene. It's not your typical pizzeria; it's a haven for pizza enthusiasts who crave a twist on the traditional.
If you're searching for pizza that's big on flavor and personality, look no further than Pizzanista! Located in the heart of LA's Arts District, this pizza joint serves pies that are a love letter to the city.
Their New York-style slices and whole pizzas come in creative varieties, from classics like pepperoni to adventurous options like mac 'n' cheese pizza.
The pizza at Pizzanista! is a bold blend of authenticity and innovation. They honor the age-old traditions of pizza-making while adding their unique spin.
The funky, street-art-filled atmosphere adds to the charm, making it a favorite hangout for locals and visitors alike.

Bottega Louie

Step into Bottega Louie, and you'll feel like you've entered a culinary wonderland. This downtown LA gem combines a patisserie, café, and restaurant in one elegant space.
Whether you're here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you'll find a menu filled with exquisite dishes.
Their artisanal pastries are renowned, but don't overlook the savory offerings like the truffle omelet or the chicken paillard.
With its stunning décor featuring high ceilings and marble accents, dining at Bottega Louie feels like a sophisticated escape in the heart of the city.

Grand Central Market

For an eclectic culinary journey under one roof, Grand Central Market is a must-visit. This historic food hall in downtown LA has been feeding hungry Angelenos for over a century.
You'll find a dizzying array of food stalls serving everything from tacos and ramen to BBQ and vegan fare.
The market's multicultural offerings reflect the city's diverse population, making it a fantastic place to explore and sample a bit of everything. Grab a seat at one of the communal tables, soak in the bustling atmosphere, and embark on a foodie adventure like no other.

Jon & Vinny's

Jon & Vinny's is the place to satisfy your cravings for classic American comfort food with a modern twist. This all-day eatery in Fairfax is renowned for its breakfast menu, featuring mouthwatering dishes like "Eggslut," a sandwich made with soft scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese. Lunch and dinner offerings include delectable pizzas, pasta, and sandwiches.
At the heart of Jon & Vinny's is a menu that pays homage to Italian culinary traditions while embracing a modern Californian twist.
The pasta is handmade, the sauces are simmered to perfection, and the ingredients are sourced from the best local producers. The bright and inviting atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for a casual, delicious meal in a cozy setting.
What sets Jon & Vinny's apart are the thoughtful touches. The olive oil is always just right, the parmesan is freshly grated, and the chili flakes are on hand for those who like it hot. They've mastered the art of making simple food feel special.


When you step into Guisados, you're not just entering a restaurant; you're walking into a slice of Los Angeles culture that's as rich and vibrant as the city itself.
This eatery isn't just about tacos; it's about tradition, family recipes passed down through generations, and a community coming together over a shared love for hearty, homestyle cooking.
The moment you walk in, the aroma of stewing meats and spices hits you, promising a meal that's going to be remembered. The walls are adorned with colorful murals that tell stories of Los Angeles, and the air is filled with the buzz of excited diners and the sizzle from the open kitchen.
While everything on the menu is worth trying, there are a few standouts. The Mole Poblano taco, with its rich, complex sauce and tender chicken, is a crowd favorite.
For vegetarians, the Calabacitas with squash, tomatoes, bell peppers, and corn offers a delightful mix of textures and tastes.


Housed in a historic building that was once home to LA's first bakery, République is a culinary haven in the heart of the city.
This French-inspired brasserie combines elegance with a warm, inviting atmosphere. The bakery alone is a marvel, producing a wide array of bread, pastries, and desserts.
The restaurant's menu offers a journey through French and Californian cuisine, with options like the "Croque-Madame" and "Bouillabaisse."
With its striking architecture and delicious offerings, République is a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Sushi Gen

Sushi lovers rejoice, for Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo is a sushi mecca that promises exceptional quality and flavor. The omakase experience is the highlight here, where skilled sushi chefs craft a personalized tasting menu based on the freshest seasonal ingredients.
The pristine, melt-in-your-mouth fish, combined with expert craftsmanship, elevates this sushi experience to unparalleled heights. It's a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic and unforgettable sushi adventure.
The fish is meticulously selected and often features seasonal catches that highlight the best of what the ocean has to offer. Each piece of sushi is a testament to the chefs' expertise, with perfectly seasoned rice and expertly sliced neta (topping) that come together in a harmonious bite.
The sashimi platters are particularly renowned, offering a variety of textures and flavors that are both subtle and striking. For many, the highlight is the toro (fatty tuna), which is so buttery and tender, it practically dissolves on the tongue.

Langer's Deli

In the heart of Westlake, you'll find Langer's Deli, a Los Angeles institution that's been serving up some of the city's finest pastrami sandwiches since 1947. A hot pastrami sandwich with Swiss cheese and Russian dressing, is the star of the show and has earned legendary status.
The decor is reminiscent of a bygone era with its cozy booths, wood paneling, and vintage photographs that line the walls. It's a place that feels unchanged by time, where the focus has always been on the food and the people.
The tender, perfectly seasoned pastrami is the stuff of dreams for deli aficionados. Pair it with a side of their famous potato salad, and you've got a meal that's pure comfort and satisfaction.
The service is warm and welcoming, with a staff that treats you like family. Many of the patrons are regulars, and the staff often knows them by name, adding to the deli's communal feel.

Guerrilla Tacos

If you're on the hunt for inventive and gourmet tacos, look no further than Guerrilla Tacos. What started as a food truck has become a Los Angeles sensation. Chef Wes Avila creates ever-changing taco masterpieces using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.
The menu is a canvas of flavors, with options like sweet potato tacos with almond salsa and lamb neck tacos with black garlic. Guerrilla Tacos offers a fresh and exciting take on this beloved street food, and it's a delightful culinary adventure you won't want to miss.
What sets Guerrilla Tacos apart is their fearless approach to the taco. The menu is a testament to Los Angeles' diverse culinary landscape, featuring seasonal ingredients and bold flavors. 
Guerrilla Tacos is a culinary revolution on a plate. It's a celebration of Los Angeles' spirit, a place where tradition is not just honored but reinvented.
So, if you find yourself in LA with a craving for tacos that are anything but ordinary, head to Guerrilla Tacos and join the flavor rebellion.

Bottom Line

And there you have it, fellow food explorers – a delectable tour of the 10 best places to eat in Los Angeles. Whether you're in the mood for Oaxacan delights, culinary artistry, comforting classics, or street food treasures, Los Angeles has something to satisfy every craving.
Gather all of your friends, pack your appetite, and embark on a culinary journey through this city of endless flavors. From sizzling slices to gourmet masterpieces, LA's dining scene is ready to dazzle your taste buds.
Happy eating, foodies!