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8 Student Activities You Can Do While Taking a Break From Studying

Between cramming for tests, writing essays, long study sessions, and going to classes, it can be hard for college students to make time for fun or to focus on self-care. Everyone needs a break from the seemingly endless cycle of studying and[...]
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How to Buy Your College Textbooks Online for Cheap

When you're at college, the cost of textbook prices can often be higher than tuition! With new textbooks costing hundreds of dollars, what hope is there for students already struggling under the weight of student debt or with their parents[...]
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6 Ways to Maximize Your Productivity at College

College can be overwhelming. You're constantly being exposed to a barrage of coursework, lectures, and assignments, plus social obligations and job opportunities, and if you don't have a flexible schedule, this can take a toll on[...]
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10 Mental Health Benefits of Yoga for Students

Yoga is an ancient exercise with origins dating back over 5,000 years. It's a physical activity designed to promote health and well-being that can be done anywhere! So, as much as we like to think of school-age kids as invincible, that's[...]
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Study Tips: 7 Ways for Better Time Management

Are you finding that your study time is more chaotic and unproductive than you would like? Struggling with research, assignments, and deadlines can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Time management is an essential skill for any[...]
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