Deciding where to live is one of the most important decisions a college student can make. Finding the right housing can determine whether you'll have a successful college career or end up homeless and living in your car. If you’re looking for unconventional housing, perhaps coliving in Toronto is an option worth considering.
Coliving offers students an opportunity to avoid the isolation that comes with dorm or apartment living while also having access to on-site amenities, social activities and events, shared services, professional support, and networking opportunities.
In this article, we will look at nine reasons to consider coliving in Toronto including lower costs, larger space options, and reduced environmental impact.

The apartment is ready for you 

One of the biggest advantages of coliving in Toronto is that you don't have to worry about setting up an apartment. All you need to do is come - your new home will be ready!
When you move into a coliving space, the security deposit and all other related paperwork are handled for you. Furniture, appliances, Wi-Fi access, and much more are included in the rent. This way, all you need on arrival is your suitcase!
No more investing in furniture or scrambling around for cooking utensils. Everything's taken care of so whether it's a soft bed or study-friendly lighting, all you need to focus on is settling into your new life right away.
Furthermore, other costs associated with moving such as connecting electricity or signing up for internet won’t bother you anymore. Coliving means coming home to comfort and convenience from day one.

You get to meet new people

One major reason to consider coliving in Toronto is the opportunity to meet and connect with new people. Going to college involves more than just attending lectures; it's also about making lasting friends and connections!
Living in a coliving space means having access to like-minded individuals who share similar values and interests - this makes for natural conversation and connection.
Whether you're looking for roommates, study buddies, or new friends, there's no shortage of opportunities when you live in a coliving space. You get the chance to meet people from backgrounds different from your own, offering unique perspectives on culture, friendships, interests, and so much more!
A coliving space provides an open platform where conversations can be had easily and naturally among residents - allowing you to build relationships outside of your college bubble.

Coliving helps you acquire balance 

Coliving helps you acquire balance that might be hard to find when you live on your own. Not only do you have the convenience of a private suite and housemates, but also you’re able to save time.
By sharing common rooms for relaxing and cooking, coliving simplifies household chores that would take a lot of time if done alone. You can divide tasks and share resources as a housing collective so that no one person has to do it all.
Furthermore, trying out new recipes with friends enhances the taste of food and gives life an extra dosage of flavors! In addition, living expenses are significantly lower in comparison to private apartments which allows people to save money for other experiences or hobbies.
Lastly, having supportive people around encourages productivity but at the same time keeps life full of fun experiences!

Increased independence

One of the biggest benefits of coliving in Toronto for college students is the increased independence it offers. Instead of having to rely totally on their parents, coliving gives students more control over their lives and freedom to make their own choices.
Living with roommates also allows them to practice financial responsibility. They can learn to budget and save money by splitting the cost of bills like rent, utilities, and groceries among several people.
At the same time, being in a coliving situation affords them the opportunity to diversify their friendship groups and establish networks with various members of different cultures and backgrounds. This helps build inclusivity and understanding about diversity within their social group - a valuable life lesson for any young adult!


Amenities are one of the best parts about choosing coliving over dorms as a college student. Compared to dorms, coliving offers far more than just a bed and desk—it offers amenities that promote productivity, relaxation, and connectedness!
These can include anything from private rooms, modern décor, convenient kitchen facilities, and sunny common areas to laundry services, fitness centers, game rooms, and outdoor spaces.
Depending on the building you choose in Toronto, your options may range from access to libraries or study rooms for solo work sessions to shared living rooms for community gatherings.
Messaging apps like Slack and Basecamp can help you stay connected with your roommates regarding house rules and how chores should be assigned each week.
No matter what type of amenity you're looking for in coliving space in Toronto, there's definitely something suited to your needs!

Safety and security

Finding safe and secure accommodation is especially important for college students. That's why coliving in Toronto is a great option because it offers superior safety and security.
Coliving residences offer residents their own private living space, often with its own entrance, so you can rest assured that you'll have your own secure spot to come back to after studying late at the library or going out with friends.
Plus, many co-living spaces have extra safety features built-in like 24/7 video surveillance and onsite security personnel which helps ensure your safety while living at the residence.
Most importantly, coliving spaces are well maintained which means they're clean and hygienic—essential during flu season! With a coliving residence, you'll be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can live safely in Toronto.

The ability to network 

Networking is a powerful tool for college students, and coliving offers plenty of opportunities to connect. With fellow housemates from all walks of life, you can be able to build your professional network in no time.
Living alongside like-minded people with different ideas and experiences helps everyone develop new skills and learn from one another. What better way to start building a strong professional network than living with potential employers, partners, or investors?
Imagine having the ability to easily meet people working in different industries without leaving your house! Coliving can facilitate meaningful connections that can help open up more job opportunities or even potentially lead to internships or jobs.
Plus, you’ll have access to new events and activities organized by coliving spaces throughout the city. Attending these coliving resident-exclusive gatherings means far more networking potential at your fingertips.


The great thing about coliving in Toronto is its affordability. Not only is the cost of living drastically lower compared to other cities, but rent and utilities are often included with a coliving space.
This makes it easier for college students to budget their expenses without having to worry about additional costs for utilities or shared amenities like laundry machines, internet access, and communal kitchens.
What's more, many coliving properties have extra convenience features such as furnishing options, parking spots, and shuttle services when going off-site. All of this at low monthly rental rates!
Overall, Toronto is an ideal city for college students looking to make the most out of their budget while still enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.


Coliving is the perfect solution for commitment-free living. Unlike traditional leases, coliving gives you all the benefits of living in Toronto without having to worry about long-term contracts.
Instead of signing year-long leases and spending a fortune on fees and deposits, you can join a Toronto coliving space that offers short-term or month-to-month rental options. You get all the benefits of Toronto living minus the hefty commitments!
Plus, if you ever have to move away due to studies or a job switch, there's no need to break your lease agreement with hefty termination charges. With coliving, you just leave without any fuss or mess!
Moreover, as many coliving spaces also double up as co-working spaces, they are great places to hang out with likeminded people and build meaningful relationships.

Bottom Line 

Living in a coliving community can be a great choice for many college students, providing them with reduced costs, comfort, and convenience.
If you are looking for an enjoyable and economical place to live in Toronto, then considering a coliving community is certainly worth it.
The social bonding you will experience, as well as newfound independence from the stress of college life, will provide you with invaluable qualities that you will carry throughout your life.
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