How is it that we’re always hoping for snow days, a longer reading week, never-ending weekends… and now we have it! Yet, all we want is to go back to our regularly scheduled programming: our classes, exams, and to listen to our favourite professors from university, be it at University of Toronto, George Washington or NYU. Harrington Housing has some tips to help you find ways to get motivated within the walls of your residence and stay sane during quarantine. 

Rise and Shine! 

Sure, you may not be getting up and running to that early morning lecture now but it is still worthwhile to get up early! It is important for your body to be waking up at the same time every day; it’s the first step to starting your day right. Set that alarm, wake up, open your curtains, and take advantage of a full day of sunshine and light!

Find Your Routine

Have your days and weeks already started to turn into one never-ending time warp? Be mindful about setting up a daily routine for yourself. Don’t have that 1:00PM class anymore? Still use that time to dedicate yourself to being productive during that hour on one specific task. Set up milestones throughout the day to keep you motivated and productive!

Thirty Minutes of Exercise

Whether it’s walking loops around your residence or apartment, doing yoga or getting outside (while still social distancing), make sure you are doing some form of physical movement every day! There are plenty of online resources from Yoga with #Adrienne on Youtube, Live Instagram classes from @Barrys or @FitFactoryTO.

We May be Distant, But We Are Still Connected

You may have great room-mates with you in your apartment or other classmates living at Harrington but don’t forget that this lockdown is an amazing opportunity to keep connected to those outside of the city! Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom, and House Party are some of the great and creative ways you can connect with friends and family across the world. 

Quarantine Hair, Don’t Care

Just because you may not be seeing anyone, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shower or shave! Don’t forget that this is the perfect time to find time for yourself. Meditation, drawing, DIY spa nights. What makes you happiest? Do more of that! 

Learn Something New

This is a very tempting time to have that TV and Netflix in front of you in your room. Watching reality shows and TV series all day long sounds fun but with all this new found time, Harrington Housing recommends that you take this time to learn something new! Watch documentaries, read books, follow #philipdefranco channel, subscribe for online courses to learn about your hobbies, photography, coding, graphic design. Udemy is a great platform to start with.

Harrington Housing Cares

COVID-19 has affected us all, but if you make the most out of this situation, you will learn new things, hot spots in your neighbourhood, best parks and outdoor getaways near your city, and some really great practical tips on how to become a true Torontonian, New Yorker, Londoner or Washingtonion! To learn more please contact us or call today.