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Washington DC Quick Reminders

We hope you are enjoying your stay at Harrington Housing. We would appreciate your kind attention to the matters below.

- Cleaning: Kindly keep the common areas clean. Do your dishes immediately after use, remove your garbage daily, use the bathroom responsibly.

- Noise: Please keep noise to a lower level and avoid cooking between 11:00 pm and 8:00 am so as not to disturb others who may be sleeping at this time. Thanks in advance :)

- No Smoking: No smoking of any kind both inside the apartment and on the balcony. Each violation will receive a $100 fine. You should consider quitting for good :)

- Mailbox Key: Please hang the mailbox key back up after use and do not remove the fly swatter/key chain. It is common that residents lose it and it takes over a week to replace it.

- Utility Charge: Use AC reasonably, and switch off the electronics when not in use. Utilities are included up to $120/month. Anything above will be paid by the occupants equally. It is very exceptional for the utility bills to reach over $120, unless used excessively and irresponsibly.

- Contact Us: If you have any questions or problems please avoid going to the building management office or calling your housing coordinator randomly. We have special teams to assist. Please email us with your unit number, name, and location:

Support Issues: (Repairs, Roommate Issues, Wi-Fi etc.)  :

Finance issues: (Rent, Payment Plan, Deposit Return)      :

Booking issues: (Extension, Cancellation, Deferral)         :



For immediate coordination issues, contact our local team:  

+1 (202) 290-0886 (Whatsapp Available)

+1 (301) 793-9910 (Whatsapp Available)


Thank you very much & have a great stay!