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Summer Intern Housing

Summer internship accommodation period is a set package and the date is fixed from 1 June to 31 August for New York and Washington DC, and from 1 May to 31 August for Toronto and Montreal.

During the summer housing period, pro-rated invoicing is not applicable for partial months. The security deposit and the service fee ($200) is required to secure your room at the time of booking. The total rent should be paid before the move-in date. Depending on the availability, earlier move-in date requests (before June 1st) might be accommodated. 

If you are ready to reserve your space, you can simply choose your city, explore all summer housing options, and book your room instantly:

- New York

- Toronto

- Washington DC

- Montreal


Summer Internship with Harrington Housing

Summer internships and co-op opportunities are one of the greatest ways for college students to develop their skills, learn about professional life and potentially land a job opportunity once college education is over.

If you are aware of the fact that summer internships can significantly contribute to improving yourself, you have already found your perfect summer internship program, and you’re ready to go, except for one very crucial question: where are you going to live? As Harrington family, we are here to offer you the best housing options for internships wherever they may be!

Harrington Housing offers fully furnished rooms at affordable prices for those who search for top-quality summer intern housing in New York, Washington, Boston, London, Toronto, and Montreal. We list hundreds of rooms in many cities across the country and have a friendly team of booking experts to assist you through finding co-op housing options in different locations. Summer internship housing is available from May to August 2023.

Intern Housing in New York

New York City is one of the most challenging cities to find intern housing in due to high demand and rising rent prices. Harrington Housing provides beautiful apartments and luxury intern housing in the most popular neighborhoods in New York City.  General terms for summer internship housing in New York are as follow:

Summer 2023 Intern Housing Dates in New York City: June 1 – August 31

Summer 2023 New York Intern Housing Rates: Click here to see the options and proceed to book your spot.  


Downtown Manhattan, New York   Midtown Manhattan   


Co-op Housing in Toronto

Toronto is another challenging city to find a rental for co-op housing, with all places being snatched up almost as soon as they hit the rental market. If you're coming to the city to study or for a summer co-op program, we can assist you. Harrington Housing gives co-op candidates in Toronto the chance to live in Toronto's best neighborhoods, including Liberty Village, Downtown Toronto, Entertainment District, and Yorkville.

Summer 2023 Co-op Housing Dates in Toronto: May 1st – August 31st

Summer 2023 Co-op Housing Rates in Toronto:  Click here to see the options and proceed to book your spot. 




Intern Housing in Washington DC

Finding an internship program in Washington DC can be one of the best things you can do for your future career prospects. If you have already found this opportunity, there may be another challenge for you; finding summer intern housing in Washington DC. 

Harrington Housing helps you to overcome this challenge and offers the flexibility you desire for your internships in the heart of the city.  General terms for summer internship housing in Washington DC are as follow:

Summer 2023 Intern Housing Dates in Washington DCJune 1 – August 31

Summer 2023 Washington DC Intern Housing Rates:  Click here to see the options and proceed to book your spot. 



Co-op Housing in Montreal

Montreal is also a well-known hub to study and be a student in a co-op. If you are looking for a chance of having excitement, fun, and friends from diverse cultures, Montreal may be one of the best answers. 

Harrington Housing offers affordable extended stays for co-op students in Montreal. Booking from Harrington can give you the chance for luxurious, fully furnished accommodation at the heart of the city with easy access to universities such as McGill University, University of Montreal, and Concordia University.

Summer 2023 Co-op Housing Dates in Montreal: May 1st – August 31st

Summer 2023 Co-op Housing Rates in Montreal:  Click here to see the options and proceed to book your spot.