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Moving to a new city is a big deal, whether you landed a job, got accepted into a university or are preparing for an internship. Handling the moving process is an overwhelming process, from packing up your belongings to saying goodbye to friends and family. You also have to start looking for the ideal new home.

Harrington Housing has connections to some of the most luxurious high-rise apartments in popular international cities. We help students and young professionals experience a unique, upscale co-living environment. With short-term rentals for young professionals in Toronto to furnished student housing in Manhattan, we have a wide range of living solutions in cities around the world. Harrington Housing will ensure you have a comfortable stay in a big city.

Living Made Easy

No matter what point of life you're in, moving is hard. From transporting your belongings to searching for roommates, the moving process can take all the fun out of arriving in a new city. That's why you should rely on Harrington Housing to provide comfortable short-term furnished apartment rentals in Toronto, NYC, and beyond. We make it easy to adjust to your city with extended-stay apartments, perfect for young professionals or university students. 


Staying with Harrington Housing means living conveniently. Our leases are very flexible, so you don't have to commit to a long-term agreement if you're unsure about your new home. This is especially helpful for young professionals with internships or new jobs that involve constant schedule updates and timeline changes.

Harrington Housing apartments also come fully furnished, so you only need to pack a few suitcases. We include Wi-Fi and a Smart TV. Apartment kitchens also have supplies for cooking and eating, serving as perfect furnished off-campus housing solutions. Many high-rise buildings include upscale luxuries such as fitness centers and rooftop terraces, too. 


Harrington Housing's short-term rentals for young professionals are located in the heart of cities such as:


Our central locations give you access to high-ranking universities, businesses, and entertainment. In the evenings and during the weekend, go out and enjoy the life and culture of downtown living. From festivals in Toronto to cultural events in Washington DC, you'll never spend an ordinary night at home. Harrington Housing provides housing opportunities in global cities with multicultural, vibrant, and exciting events you will always remember.


To start booking furnished off-campus rooms in Toronto or NYC, complete our easy application process. All you need to do is create an account, review the apartment availabilities in your chosen location and book your perfect room. The Harrington Housing team will also help with any steps along the way.

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Moving to a new city is effortless with Harrington Housing. We make the moving process easy with affordable, furnished apartment rentals for short-term stays. Make a Harrington Housing account, explore our listings and book your stay today. Or, contact us to learn more and ask any questions.